When To Call G&S

Employee Absences

Your receptionist calls in sick.  How will you answer the phone and get all your work done for the day?  G&S has access to qualified, customer service oriented office personnel.  When a G&S employee arrives at your office, you can feel confident that your customers are being treated with respect, and you can continue with your workload.

Special Projects & Assignments

You have less than two weeks to finish production for a high profile customer, and you are 3 employees short of finishing the job.  Within an hour, G&S can have 3 or more employees to your work site, to ensure that your project is completed on time.

Seasonal Workloads

Snow is beginning to cover the ground, and all fields must be emptied by the end of the week.  G&S can send hardworking employees to your work site, for as long as you need them to get the job done.

Employee Medical Or Family Leave

Everyone is excited that your bookkeeper is finally having her baby, but who is going to do the receivables and the payables?  Our database is full of experienced bookkeeping and accounting professionals, ready to jump in where they are needed.

Expanding Your Workforce

Your company is growing and it is time to expand your workforce, but you're not quite ready to risk hiring a permanent employee.  Try our temp-to-hire placement option.  During this time, G&S will arrange for an individual to work with your company for a "trial period".  This allows you time to evaluate their skills and performance, additionally benefitting from a no-risk recruiting strategy - saving time and money.