Placement Options

Your Own Recruiting Department

Whether you need a temporary worker to finish a special project or a permanent bookkeeper, G&S offers a wide array of applicants, from entry-level to seasoned veterans. G&S is available for your entire temporary or permanent staffing needs, and has experience placing qualified applicants in a number of fields.

At G&S, we understand today’s dynamic and diverse staffing needs.  That’s why we have put together a flexible and comprehensive array of placements options depending on your business needs.  

Temporary Placement

Temporary employees will help you meet project deadlines without having to hire more employees. Existing clients use temporary services during busy seasons, for special projects, for seasonal workloads, and to fill short-term vacancies due to employee absences. Companies that utilize flexibility in staffing requirements to meet product and service demands undeniably have a competitive edge over those companies who do not.  Proper staffing during a project ensures that the job gets done on time, directly affecting you bottom line.


Employers use this placement option most often.  It gives the employer a “trial period” in which to make sure the employee is right for the job.  The employee is placed on G&S’ payroll, and remains there for a specified period of time.  During that time, G&S takes on all payroll obligations. The employee receives a weekly paycheck, and the employer a weekly invoice for wages and fees.  It’s that simple! Our fees cover all payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Social Security, Medicare, and more. At the end of the specified time period, the employee can be rolled automatically to the employer’s payroll, or the employer may opt to leave the employee on our payroll for a longer period of time.  Not ready to hire yet?  Try our temp-to-hire placement option with one of our qualified applicants.

Direct Placement

When you know we have found the perfect person for the job, you may choose to place them directly on your payroll.  A one-time fee is charged based on the employee’s annual income.